Tips for a soccer playing starting out

soccergarage4Written by Soccer Garage

There are a lot of tips and articles online for improving your soccer game. Many of the times, the advice is position specific. There will be guides for strikers, defenders, etc. There are also guides for soccer equipment like goalkeeper gloves. However, there are skills that every soccer player should have regardless of the position. Here are some tips that a position agnostic:

Touch – A good touch is important to have regardless of position. A good way to improve your touch is to juggle the ball, also known as keep-ups. The more you do this, and the better you are at it, the better your touch.

Dribbling – Something that a lot of guides don’t mention when they talk about dribbling is head position. Practice dribbling to the extent that you can keep your head up as you run. Now, there is a much higher chance that you will see a good passing opportunity. Soccer equipment like cones and extra balls will help with this practice.

Passing – Always pass with the inside of your foot for accuracy. In addition, when receiving a pass, look up and note the position of your teammates. Now you know where to pass the ball or which direction to head as soon as you get it.

Defense – Patience is the key for a good defines. Avoid too much aggression. You do not have to win the ball every minute, every time. Maintain position and slow down the player’s advance. Only tackle or commit to a move when there is clear view of the ball. The worst thing is to get baited into a move.


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