Tips for soccer goalkeepers

soccergarage5Summary: Great goalies pay attention throughout the game, keeping their eye on the ball at all times and when the opponent is coming in, get big on him as fast as you can.

Here are some tips for soccer goalies to improve their game:

Focus – Maintain your focus on the ball throughout the entire game. A common mistake is to only focus on the ball when it is within a certain range. Doing so is a mistake, and you can end up unaware of a fast-moving play.

Monitor – Don’t look around or at your opponent. Always monitor the ball, your peripheral vision will take care of figuring out what shot to expect. The primary goal is to prevent the opposition from scoring, and it helps to keep your eye on the ball.

Rush – Do not wait for your opponent to come to you. If you see a play developing or a striker getting through, rush him and make yourself as big as possible. The bigger you are, the harder it will be for him to score. There are several scenarios in which you will have to leave the 18-yard box and when you do so, rush hard.

Cross – Try not to lose the ball in the air when a cross is coming in fast. Also, if there is no possibility of reaching the ball, do not jump. Instead, look at where the ball is going and then anticipate the shot or header. Just like the above, get as big as you can to your opponent.

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