The Most Fearsome Soccer Stadiums in the World

The global love for soccer has led to the construction of some impressive stadiums built in honor of each country’s beloved team. The colossal structures that house thousands of roaring fans have become iconic in that they are well-known even around the world. Here are some of the most epic stadiums that never fail to strike fear into the heart of the visiting teams.


Anfield houses a historical background and a wholly passionate fan base that stays true to their roots and red and white colorway. Liverpool is a historical place of its own and visiting teams that travel to this stadium witness the famous Shankly Gates and see the infamous “You’ll Never Walk Alone” slogan carved on the top. The bus is escorted by police at a slow pace as teams travel through the sea of red and white soccer apparel. Players have been known to get goosebumps as they travel from their locker room into the tunnel area. Upon arrival they’re met with the historic painted sign that reminds them of where they’re playing at – a memorable experience for both fan and player alike.

Estadio Azteca

One of the most mythical places to play, Estadio Azteca is an intimidating colossus of a stadium that houses Mexico City’s finest. Being 7,000 feet above sea level, visiting teams must train and prepare for the change in altitude and to compete at the highest level all while staying composed. Visiting teams are escorted by bus with a police escort. Mexico’s tri-color soccer uniforms and flags blanket the streets when it’s game time, creating an atmosphere that bellows out a feeling of upcoming bloodshed.

St. James’ Park

An architectural landmark in Northeast England, St. James’ Park houses a 50,000-seat stadium that’s filled with a dedicated mob of fans. Newcastle was once a Champions League team and the impatience of the fans has created a tense and frustrated wait for their return to glory. Plus, if you’re one of the diehard fans that favor the opposing team, expect to be seated all the way at the top of the stadium. It’s England’s home and they mean business when they get out on the field to play. The collaborative roar of verbal, but funny, abuse is constantly thrown towards the visiting team. Most of the time, you can’t even make out what most of the fans are saying because it’s drowned out by the sea of roars and chants the entire game.
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