Skills a goalkeeper should master

43Written by Soccer Garage

The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most crucial positions in the team. Unlike many of the other positions, a goalkeeper needs to have exceptional soccer skills, good goalkeeper gear, understand the current state of play and defend against strikers. Then, once defended, needs to be able to return the ball to a state of play that is beneficial to the team. Here are some tips that every goalkeeper should master:


The hallmark of a good goalkeeper is that they are always talking. When there is an offensive break towards the goal, the goalkeeper will ensure that each player knows who should be marked.


Goalkeepers need to have extremely quick reflexes. This will not come by itself. Instead, it will require extensive practice so that any responses are almost instinctive. Many great goalkeepers have improved their reflexes and their game by playing indoor soccer or playing in a handball team.

Covering angles

The most important skill for a goalkeeper is the ability to cover angles. When a player approaches with the ball, the objective is not to stand in the way. Rather, run towards the player and get large in his field of view. It becomes much hard for him to get the ball past. Never make the first move, instead, wait until the player makes the first move and then cover any strikes with the goalkeeper gloves.


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