Playing style and cleat choice

soccergarage3Written by Soccer Garage

One of the most important first steps for a new soccer player is to figure out their style of play. Initially, the cleats will be the most important of women’s soccer gear, and the playing style directly affects what sort of cleats to get. This is determined to a great extent on what positions you like to play, the more you play in a position the more specific you can get about the type of cleats to get. Here are the various positions and the characteristics of the cleats required:

Defensive players

The key aspects for defensive players or defensive style players is to be able to pass the cleanly and added protection.


Comfort is key here, especially since they will need to be running up and down for the duration of the game. In addition, good control is also important.


Due to the explosive nature of their movements, these cleats will need to be light. The players will also benefit from a clean strike zone.


Lateral movement is crucial for a goalkeeper. Great traction will also help. In addition, a good strike  zone for back passes and kick outs will be essential.


These players need lightweight boots that will also allow them to change direction very quickly as they run down along the left or right flanks.


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