Guide to Buying Soccer Cleats

Written by Soccer Garage

Equipment for Soccer or any type of sport is essential for safety and performance. Soccer cleats are a necessity. A guide to buying soccer cleats will ensure that you have explored your options that will help you make the correct decision when purchasing.


Depending on what position you play, cleat types will vary. A Goalie will require something with more traction and flexibility to allow him/her to move side to side without slippage. Defensive players will look for a boot that offers more protection as they are the main aggressive interactors. Other positions generally go with a light weight boot type to enable maneuverability and striking force. You will also need to wear proper soccer socks.

Another determining factor in choosing the correct soccer cleat is the terrain you are playing on. There are several types of boots that are terrain specific. However, if you are unsure of what you will be playing on and for how long a Firm Ground boot is the way to go. Firm ground boots are flexible and can be used on any surface.

Adidas soccer shoes come in several materials, weight, and categories available for the individual soccer player according to his/her needs.

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